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nt ▓and retain the global hegemonic position enjoyed by the United States. These recent moves are also an attempt to place extreme pressure

uawei, DJI

on China as the trade t▓ensions escalate. The American move is tantamount to building an iron curtain across global value chains. It is in


evitable that this will deeply harm global growth, and hinder humanity's scientific and technological progress.At the core of American res

trictions on Huawei lie 5G technology and its application. The next generation of mobile technology is of great significance when it comes to building the Internet of Things, and promoting the deep integration of the Internet with big data, artifi▓cial intelligence, and the real economy. It requires all countries to strengthen their cooperation ▓so that everyone can benefit. However, the United States has arbitrarily suppressed Huawei fo▓r its own benefit, without regard to its impact on the progress of global information technology.The United States has not produced any concrete evidence to verify its accusations against either Huawei or DJI.▓ DJI drones have been widely used in fields that include agriculture, firefighting, disast▓er relief, and the protection of endangered animals. Th▓e American military is also a regular client of the Chinese drone maker. Nothing ▓untoward has been found regarding its products. Given that some American politicians have been willing to defame DJI without providing proof of any wrongdoing, it is reasonable to believe that▓ attacks against the company are likely.This reckless behavi▓or by American politicians has made many observers in the United States comment on the absurdity of the current situation. R

t China's only mistake is having a population of 1.4 billion and that▓, if it were a smaller country like South Korea with its population of 50 million, it would be praised by the

United States is without doubt another chal▓lenge. It will have its short-term impacts. But crises such as t▓hese can also become opportunities. What is clear is that Chin▓a's in

creasingly powerful companies would continue to advance despite these pressur▓es, and won't be dwarfed by any bullying.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan

the QR Code to follow us on WechatWorld tech firms eye cooperation with China at C▓ESWorld tech firms eye cooperation with China at CESWorld tech firms eye cooperation with China at CES01-10-2019 17:05 BJTLAS VEGAS, Jan. 8 -- As the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicked off here Tuesday, world tech companies are seizing the opportunity to boost cooperation with Chinese firms, eyeing the Chinese market, technolog▓y and talent.At a press conference before the opening of th▓e CES, French automotive supplier Valeo announced its▓ strategic cooperation

with Meituan, one of China's lea▓ding on-demand food delivery platforms, and the two sides will work to▓gether on autonomous delivery vehicles."The Chinese market is the biggest market in the world. So, we absolutely need to be present and to grow our presence in the market," Jacques Aschenbroich, chairman and CEO of V▓aleo, told Xinhua Tuesday.Pointing out the "upmost importance" of the Chinese market in electric cars, Aschenbroich said that currently about 15 percent of th▓e company's global turnover in electric cars comes from China."Th▓ere are some new

players that bring a new concept of mobility into the market and Meituan is one of those new players," Aschenbroich said, adding that they ar▓e "convinced" that the two can "take a leading position▓" in the market.Valeo is going to deliver droids using 48V mild hybrid technol▓ogy to Meituan, the company said in a tweet earlier.Meanwhile, Meituan also s▓igned strategic cooperation agreements with NVIDIA, a U.S. artificial intelligen▓ce (AI) computing and semiconductors company, and Icona, an Italian design company ▓for the automotive industry.Eric Winston from

Aristocrat Technologies, a Las Vega▓s gambling solution provider, told Xinhua that he has noticed the large presence of Chinese companies at the CES in recent years.Winston appreciated ▓the flexible displays produced by startup Royole Corporation▓ which is based in Shenzhen city, southern China."Royole has been around for a short time, but they prove to have good▓ quality products from what I understand," Winston said, noting that Shenzhen is a big producer of technology.The CES is the world's largest trade show and presents new products and technologies i

n the consumer electronics industry.At the CES th▓is year, Royole released FlexPai, a flexible, foldable smartphone and tablet, with an ultra-thin display, drawing a big crowd at the exhibition hall.Winston said his team is doing their research to determine if it's a product tha▓t his company would consider integrating into their technology.As global tech firms make serious eff▓orts to enhance their interaction with Chinese companies, the la▓tter are also actively seeking worldwide partners and expanding the global market.Chinese PC giant Lenovo on Tuesday r

eleased a smart clock with Google, which res▓ponds to Google Assistant voice commands. It also released with Amazon ▓a new pair of devices, a tablet and a charging station, which accept Amazon's Alexa voice requests."Our cooperation with Google ▓and Amazon are long-term strategic cooperation," Yao Li, vice president of Lenovo Consumer Tablets and Smart Devices Product and Business Management, told Xinhua."This helps us tap into international markets s▓uch as the United States and Europe," Yao said.Lenovo, known for its hardware manufacturing, has seen the

potential of coope▓ration between China and the United States on smart de▓vices. "I believe China and the United States are the engines for smart living in the future," Yao said."There will be great opportunities for in-depth cooperation with Chinese and U.S. technologies, which will benefit both Chinese and American▓ manufacturers and customers," Yao said.For Li Chuangang, vice ▓president of iFLYTEK, a Chinese company specializing in voice recognition, ▓the opening-up and going global strategy is the best option."The number of consumer▓s determines the sp

eed of the development of artificial intelligence technology, and more big▓ data is certainly conducive to the development of our compan▓y," Li told Xinhua.At the CES, the AI tech-driven company unveiled its fully up▓graded smart translator, an honoree of the CES 2019 Innovation ▓Award.Besides exploring the U.S. market, the company has been looking to establish research partnerships with U.S. universities such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Li sa▓id."We hope to come out and communicate with everyone, and find some good partners in each country

to jointly develop these good technologies," said Li.Research c▓ooperation is also highly valued by Aschenbroich, whose company has already been working with universities in cities like Shanghai, Shen▓zhen and Wuhan in China."I'm very, very impressed with what is happening in ▓China, the leading companies and innovation, and the education of young engineers is very, very impressive," Aschenbroich said."So▓ that's the reason why we're increasing in different locations in ▓China our R&D (research and development) footprint in order to really deal with the

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Chinese customers, Chinese universities and upgrade our com▓petency in China," he said.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlea

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se scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatShanghai import expo to promote Egypt's exports to China: Egyptian businessmanShanghai import expo to promote Egypt's▓ exports to China: Egyptian businessmanShanghai import expo to promote Egypt's exports to China: Egyptian businessman10-15-2018 09:46 BJTQALIOUBIYA, Egypt, Oct. 14 (Xinhu▓a) -- The upcomin

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g import expo in China's Shanghai c▓ity is a chance to increase Egyptian exports to the Chinese market, said Egyptian businessman Ashraf el

Establis▓hment began to export orange to China only two years ago. We ▓started with two tons in the first year and 10 tons in the second," Adawi told▓ Xinhua, expecting his company to export 20 tons of orange to China next year.The Nile Establishment chief, who expressed admiration of China where he visited seven times, said that his ▓company would like to know more about Chinese companies and open channels for cooperation. He expected the upcoming Shanghai import expo to serve the purpose.In recent years, the Chinese-Egyptian ties have been▓ elevated to the level of comprehensive strategic partnership which resulted from the stron▓g support from the leaderships of both countries."Trade relations between Egypt an▓d China are growing so positively and so fast, and the Chinese market is open to Eg▓yptian products," Adawi said, stressing that the Egyptian citrus companies are able to meet the needs of the Chinese market.Egypt, ▓famous for its production of sweet juicy oranges, has become the third larges▓t exporter of citrus to China after South Africa and the Unite▓d States.Adawi noted that his company had to increase its workers from 700 to 1,000 since it sta▓rted orange exportation to China."The Chinese importing comp▓anies demand a very high quality orange to be exported to China, so we had to upgrade our packhouse and we ▓also bought an advanced electronic sizer to meet the quality required for the Chinese market," he said.According to Adawi, it cost his company up to▓ 50 million Egyptian pounds (about 2.8 million U.S. dollars) to bring the new electronic sizer technology and the machines required for upgrade to reach the quality demanded by the Chinese side.He explained that upgrading the packhouse included larger coolers with more advanced technologies to lower th▓e temperature and make it suitable for high quality orange."Exporting to China urged us to supervise the early stage of the plantation process in our farms to ensure high quality and increase our production capacity to manage the quantities required for the Chinese market,

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